Santa Maria, Cabo Verde

About Us

About Us

Misturod means “mixed” and is a perfect description of what Misturod holiday apartments represents. A mix of people coming together and having a great time, being inspired by each other and a casual atmosphere.

After full renovation of all apartments, Misturod opened her doors on the 1st of April in 2019. We embrace diversity and this has created a multi cultural environment which will make you feel at ease. Staying at Mistrurod feels like being welcomed into a family. Find inspiration and tranquility during your holiday while being immerged in a new culture and connecting with friendly people.

Sustainability is important, especially on a tiny island. Which is why we value the environment at Misturod and decorate the apartments with various upcycled pieces. Each apartment contains high quality water filters, so you can drink water safely. This way we save tons of plastic each year, since no plastic water bottles need to be bought (and carried!) by you 😊

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